The LoneStar Hyperion Way

Lone Star College is looking to upgrade to their11.1.2.1.X Hyperion EPM environment to a hosted cloud solution, moving away from their existing self-managed on premise server solution. The scope of this project includes the immediate support of current on-site LSCS Hyperion environments, as well as the upgrade, configuration, setup, and implementation of Hyperion at the selected vendor’s managed services. The solution needs to be flexible enough to quickly adapt to changing business conditions and scale as the organization grows.

While the proposed solution will be designed to meet longer-term planning objectives, it is important that short-term wins are also delivered to realize immediate investment returns and ensure early user adoption. Our proposed approach carefully considers these “quick win” opportunities. We also have proposed a project scope and timeline, which is achievable and sets the stage for further improvement opportunities.

For the Love of Virginia